Dental Exam— The state of Colorado allows dental hygienists to perform dental examinations. During a dentalexam, each patient will get a thorough evaluation of your periodontal health to evaluate which type of cleaning is best for you. Also, you will be checked for oral lesions, and other tissue problems that could be indicative of oral cancer. Through the use of digital x-rays, and intra oral cameras, a thorough dental screening will be completed to evaluate for possible decay or other dental problems which you would then be referred to a dentist for treatment. Our patients will be instructed in proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as other hygiene techniques to improve your overall home care.

Diagnostic imaging— Our office utilizes the latest in digital x-ray technology to be sure we are giving you the best picture of your oral health. We use both x-rays and intra-oral cameras to show you all surfaces and roots in your teeth, areas of concern, and damaged areas which may need treatment.

Infant Oral Health Screenings (12 months and under)— Our children are important, and infant oral care can be tricky. We will do a full oral exam on your little one, and show you how to care for their budding teeth at home free of charge! We offer a full range of instruction on infant/child brushing and flossing.

Preventive Sealants— Sealants are a preventive resin that adheres to the occlusal surface of your teeth. The occlusal surface is in the center of your tooth where the deepest grooves are. These are hard to clean well and a perfect home for decay. By sealing the occlusal surface, it significantly reduces the risk of decay in those areas.

Fluoride treatments— Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance which helps to strengthen the enamel and protect our teeth against decay. We offer a concentrated treatment to our patients. We follow the ADA recommendation and encourage ALL patients to have a fluoride treatment each time they have their teeth cleaned, but especially those with a high risk of decay.

Personalized Preventive Care— Going to the dentist isn’t easy for all of us. Dental anxiety, sensory issues, previous dental experiences and more can taint our view of dentistry. However, there is nothing more important than caring for your smile. It is the first impression we give, and the health of our mouth can have a systemic effect on the rest of our body. We strive to create a personalized experience for EACH patient unique to your needs. We want your concerns to melt away as you receive your dental care in a calm, compassionate and caring environment.

Periodontal Exams— Periodontal disease is an inflammatory response in our gums to infection. It causes damage to our gum tissue, our teeth and their roots, and more. During a periodontal exam your gum tissues will be checked for health and infection. We will also check your root surfaces, and the depth of periodontal pockets around your teeth. We will design a personalized plan to get your teeth and gums back to health.

Deep Scaling and Root Planing— When periodontal disease is present, even in the beginning stages, it is indicative of infection which can affect your entire body if left untreated. During a deep scaling or root planing appointment, those root surfaces are cleaned and treated with antimicrobials to help them heal. (See antimicrobial therapy)

Topical or Local Anesthesia— Topical, local anesthetic, and or numbing agents, are provided for the comfort of our patients who need a below the gum line cleaning. We offer alternatives to the conventional anesthetic injections as well for the comfort of our patients. We want the experience to be as pleasant as possible thus we encourage our patients to take advantage of local anesthetic when necessary.

Supportive Periodontal Therapy— Once you have cleaned the root surfaces of your teeth (see deep scaling and root planing) your gum health and root surfaces need to be maintained. You will be encouraged to return for maintenance appointments, usually at three to four month intervals, so we can maintain your gums with the help of probing, isolated root cleaning, fine scaling, and antimicrobial irrigation.

Antimicrobial Therapy— Antimicrobial therapy is a rinse or irrigation solution which kills unhealthy bacteria and slows down the regeneration of such harmful bacteria in your mouth. This is offered as part of your supportive periodontal therapy. We also suggest a daily rinse for the purpose of maintaining healthy tissues once periodontal treatment is completed.

Desensitizing Treatments— Tooth sensitivity can have many causes. We have desensitizing treatments that can be applied to the sensitive surfaces on your tooth to reduce their sensitivity to cold/hot and other sensations. For the comfort of our patients we also have several techniques that can be employed before your cleaning begins to reduce the discomfort that can sometimes come with a dental cleaning.

Meet Your Dental Hygienist

Lori Kinzer has been a professional Dental Hygienist over 25 years, serving the dental needs of Colorado Springs residents for many of those.

Serene Dental Hygiene Services

  • Dental Exams
  • Diagnostic Imaging (Digital X-Rays & IntraOral Camera)
  • Infant Oral Health Screenings
  • Adult & Children’s Cleanings
  • Preventive Sealants
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Personalized Preventive Care
  • Periodontal Exams
  • Deep Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing)
  • Topical & Local Anesthesia
  • Supportive Periodontal Therapy
  • Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Desensitizing Treatments
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Custom Athletic Mouth guards
  • Referral to a dentist for dental treatment



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