Preventative Dental Sealants

Serene Dental Hygiene believes in preventive dentistry. Everything we do is to prevent the need for future treatment if at all possible.

Even if you do not currently have any fillings in your mouth, does not mean you are immune to decay. Your body chemistry is ever changing as is the bacteria in your mouth. New medical conditions and new medications can and will affect the chemistry of the bacteria in your mouth which can lead to changes in the number of decay producing organisms in your mouth and saliva. This means you can begin to develop decay at any time in your lifetime.

Dental sealants can help to prevent that.

Sealants are a preventive resin material which is painted into the grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth (done on your back teeth–the molars and premolars). It is a very simple pain-free procedure which does not require anesthetic or any drilling on the teeth.

The teeth are first cleaned to remove any bacteria on this surface, then the tooth is ‘etched’ to open up the ‘pores’ of the tooth. At this point, the resin is in liquid form/and is painted into the groove and it flows into these pores. An ultraviolet light is then used to harden the material for a long lasting protective coating for the tooth.

Sealants are wonderful for children once they start developing their permanent adult molars, usually at about 6 years of age. Then again when they begin to develop their premolars and second molars at 9-12 years of age.

But don’t be fooled. Adults can benefit from sealants as well. If you still have any molars or premolars which do not have fillings or crowns yet, you should consider protecting these teeth to possibly prevent the need for restorative work down the road.

Sealants can last for 3-20 years depending on your habits of grinding your teeth and wear.

At Serene Hygiene, we guarantee our sealants to remain on your teeth for 2 years or we will replace them free of charge.

The cost of dental sealants are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the cost of a filling. At Serene Hygiene, we charge just $37 per tooth and the procedure can usually be done along with your regular cleaning appointment.

To be clear tho, sealants will only protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth, not those “in between” surfaces only protected by daily flossing. Even after sealants are placed, it is important to brush and floss daily to protect the entire tooth from decay.

So, talk to Lori at your next cleaning to see if you have teeth still able to be sealed.

Meet Your Dental Hygienist

Lori Kinzer has been a professional Dental Hygienist over 25 years, serving the dental needs of Colorado Springs residents for many of those.

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