Desensitizing Treatments

At Serene Dental Hygiene, we want you to leave our office feeling good about your full experience.  How can you do that when it hurts???

Sometimes, people have recession of their gums which means the roots are showing. The root surface can be extremely sensitive to cold, sweets and even more, the dreaded metal dental instrument.

At Serene Dental Hygiene, we offer multiple treatments which can allow us to still get your teeth clean without you feeling constant jolts of pain in the process.  We can polish first with a desensitizing toothpaste which often does the trick, or we can fully numb your teeth if necessary. We also have desensitizers which can be applied which actually seal the dentinal tubules of your teeth which are like “pores” in your teeth which take those stimulating sensations of the cold straight to the nerve of your teeth. People often describe this sensation as an electrical shock every time they drink cold water or eat sweets. This procedure simply involves painting a liquid resin over these areas and using an Ultraviolet light to harden it. It does require re application about once a year as it does wear off the teeth over time. It is very affordable tho and most people find it worth the price they pay annually for it.

Just know that at Serene Dental Hygiene we will do what it takes to help every aspect of your dental visit and your daily dental life as pain-free as possible.

Meet Your Dental Hygienist

Lori Kinzer has been a professional Dental Hygienist over 25 years, serving the dental needs of Colorado Springs residents for many of those.

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