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Simply put, antimicrobial therapy means doing something on a daily basis to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth which causes gum disease. It can help you to fight plaque formation in your mouth and to keep your gums healthier. Typically, you’ll need to have a good, thorough dental cleaning first to get a start toward a healthy mouth. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough. We’ve known people who follow their cleanings with good brushing and flossing habits, and still battle gum disease. This is when a good antimicrobial can help.

There are many different mouth rinses you’ll find while walking down the dental aisle at your local grocery store. Some good, some, not so good. While I’m not here to bash brands, I will say some are definitely better than others. Research shows which ones do indeed kill the ‘bad’ bacteria in your mouth. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that a rinse alone will kill all the bad bugs in your mouth. It simply will not. Many of the rinses you’ll find at the grocery stores are merely breath fresheners and are short lived. I would caution everyone to avoid any rinses with alcohol since the research shows a definite correlation between alcohol and oral cancer.

At Serene Dental Hygiene, we recommend as our first choice a rinse called Tooth and Gum Tonic. It is an all natural and organic rinse which is shown by many research studies to be the most effective antimicrobial mouth rinse out there. You will not find it in stores, it is sold through dental offices.  If you want something you can buy in the stores and you don’t mind something non organic or natural, we recommend Closys or Listerine Zero. (The ‘Zero’ means no alcohol)

We like to recommend these rinses as the last thing you do before going to bed. Studies show that brushing, flossing, then rinsing with a good antimicrobial rinse will drastically reduce the bacteria in your mouth which gives a good start to your night. When you sleep, the bacteria normally found in your saliva will multiply because they love the environment of where it is warm, dark and moist. You cannot stop this from happening, But by starting your night with a really clean mouth helps dramatically. You may actually notice that your “morning breath” isn’t as bad as usual too!

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